The Apple Watch Is Officially Released, And The Reviews Are In

The big news in the tech news that has been unavoidable in the blogosphere, has to do with the recent release of the Apple Watch, what some are saying, could be Apple’s most profitable product ever. There’s a ton of hype surrounding this first generation device, with early reviews praising both the Watch’s fashionable design and versatile operating system. The introduction of the Apple Watch into the general market, if anything, solidifies the demand for smartwatch wearable devices, but it will be interesting to see whether this demand will trickle over into the hands of competitors, like Samsung, LG and Motorola, each with their own Android-powered devices. The explosion of smartwatch devices into the global marketplace will likely translate into an increased demand for app developers who specialize in the wearable technology, a space The Genius will enter very soon.

The Apple Watch is not without its naysayers though. I came across at least one scathing review published by Scott Stein of CNet, who noted that, despite the App Store having over 3,000 apps available at launch, of the 60 he tested personally, only a handful of them were really useful. Third-party apps for the Watch tend to be extensions of their iPhone counterparts, he says, with limited access to the devices many sensors  His biggest complaint, however, had to do with the speed of the apps, with many taking anywhere from 10-15 seconds to load, which he claims, is just enough time for someone to want to just reach for their phone instead. Which, ultimately, defeats the purpose of having a smartwatch altogether.

Some sources are claiming that Apple has set a very unusual condition with regards to third-part app approval. Adario Strange of Mashable reports that Apple is rejecting apps the simply tell time, effectively eliminating the development of strictly custom watch faces. The new rule is part of Apple’s updated App Store Review Guidelines. Guideline 10.7 states clearly: “Watch Apps whose primary function is telling time will be rejected.” Strange notes that this is an odd move for Apple, who could potentially make another boat load of cash from the sale of custom interfaces, but also admits that, it is not too far off to say that Apple will introduce this feature in the future.

Some analysts are suggesting that the Apple Watch could be Apple’s opening day product launch in history, with early pre-order projections ranging anywhere from 1 million to 2.7 million opening day. Easily eclipsing the opening day sales of both the iPhone and iPad. Dawn Chmielewski of Re/Code offers up some of the statistical data that does exist on Apple Watch pre-orders, which Apple has been completely tight-lipped about. One shopping data firm estimated 957,000 people in the U.S. pre-ordered an Apple Watch on the first day it was available, based on its panel of two million online shoppers. Slice Intelligence reported that 62% of consumers bought the less-expensive Apple Watch Sport model, based on e-receipt data from 9,080 online shoppers.

Check out one of Apple’s official ads for the Watch on YouTube:

Jason Quintal | April 15, 2015

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