Apps Are Taking Over the World

Mobile and web applications have changed the way we consume media, communicate with others, travel, perform every day tasks, and perhaps most importantly, how we conduct business. The app industry has become one of the largest global industries, earning revenues in the billions for app publishers and distributers (like Apple and Google), creating a micro-economy in its own right and creating jobs for hundreds of thousands of talented professionals worldwide.

Stuart Dredge and Charles Arthur of The Guardian wrote back in early 2012, that Apple was about to surpass 25bn downloads. The fact that anyone can download an app quickly and easily to practically any mobile device has made given apps a level of ubiquity that only smartphones and tablets can rival.

Apps play a crucial role in many of the business models disrupting established industries, such as entertainment, transportation, and banking. Businesses have utilized mobile and native app technology in a variety of ways, as both a tool to extend the reach and scope of their services, or as a platform for the direct sale or distribution of products to consumers. TD Bank, for example, has introduced a virtual cheque deposit system into their mobile app, allowing user to deposit their cheques directly by simply taking a photo. Going to a physical TD location is still required for a variety of transactions, but the app removes the need to deposit your cheque at an ATM, or have a teller perform the transaction for you. Spotify, on the other hand, is a music streaming service, whose operation exists entirely online. The sale and consumption of music takes place all within their app. No need to visit anywhere or speak to anyone. Simply download, sign in, and start using.

The myCommodo web application is yet another innovation that falls within the first category of apps mentioned above, extending our ability to serve more potential homebuyers efficiently and effectively, eliminating the need for clients to have to travel anywhere or speak to anyone directly in order for the application process to begin. By streamlining the application process, introducing a system whereby brokers compete to get you the lowest rate available, users can be assured that the process from loan application to loan approval will be as expedited as possible.

Jason Quintal | August 14, 2016

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