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Digital Marketing Specialist
Jason Quintal

A highly-motivated individual who is able to effectively prioritize and multitask in a fast-paced environment. A natural leader who is also capable of working in a team. A creative writer who is process-oriented and makes data-driven decisions when developing content strategies.

I have over 6 years of experience working with small to medium businesses developing digital marketing strategies to help grow their online presence, and subsequently, their follower and customer bases. I have a proven track record of creating unique, long and short-form content for the web and social media that generates increased website traffic and fosters sales leads.

Seeking to further my career as a Digital Marketing Specialist, working as part of an experienced team to meet the needs of a variety of high profile clientele. I hope to assume a position where I can refine and sharpen my current skills, as well as acquire new skills that will allow me to assume a directorial role in the future.

Years Experience: Content Marketing
Years Experience: Social Media Marketing
Years Experience: Email Marketing
Years Experience: PPC Advertising
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    Adobe Photoshop
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    Microsoft Office 365
01/10/16 - Present2016 - 2017

Arm Candy Creative
Social Media Community Manager, Blog Writer & Copywriter

At Arm Candy Creative, I oversee the social media profiles and websites of several high profile clients in the adult entertainment industry. Implementing strategies to stimulate follower growth and improve reach/engagement on all platforms, all while staying within each platform’s specific content policies and restrictions. Monitoring website traffic and offering suggestions on how to improve search engine optimization.

17/03/16 - Present2016 - 2017

Brand & Mortar
Social Media Community Manager, Blog Writer, Copywriter, Paid Ad Specialist

At Brand & Mortar, my primary responsibilities include creating and publishing new content, monitoring the performance of both organic content and paid ads, and developing new creative ad concepts. A large part of my role involves developing social media, content marketing and SEO, email marketing, and YouTube marketing strategies for perspective clients. I’m a vital part of the sales process, working closely with potential clients to develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that will boost website referral traffic, generate leads, and increase sales.

01/01/14 - 01/01/162014 - 2016

White Fedora Marketing
Social Media Community Manager & Blog Writer

Working on a freelance/project basis for a company I founded, White Fedora Marketing, I helped small and large businesses develop a social media and content marketing strategy for the purposes of driving traffic to their website, and growing their social media follower base. many of my clients were either in the real estate industry, or in the hospitality industry.

01/09/11 - 11/12/142011 - 2014

University of Ottawa
M.A. Criminology

The Criminology M.A. program at the University of Ottawa is devoted to the scientific analysis of crime, justice and social control, with a focus on four broad themes: the social construction of norms and the notion of crime; the criminalization of specific behaviours, individuals and groups in our society; the analysis of the goals, functioning and impacts of the criminal justice system; and the examination of contemporary forms of intervention.

01/03/11 - 01/05/162011 - 2016

The Genius Web Media
Copywriter & Social Media Community Manager

For The Genius Web Media, I wrote original content for clients’ websites, primarily for the purposes of Search Engine Optimization. I also manage various social media accounts, implementing strategies to boost traffic not only to the Facebook/Twitter/Instagram accounts themselves, but ultimately the websites they promote.

01/09/06 - 01/05/102006 - 2010

Ryerson University
B.A. (Hon.) Criminology

The Criminology program at Ryerson University examines the key players and institutions that affect, and are affected by, the justice system and other institutions of regulation. We seek to understand the balancing of the interests of victims, offenders, the public, and politicians along with concerns about human rights and social justice.

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