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App Review: TrickPics

It’s Like Snapchat for your D***…But Not Really

If you work in the adult entertainment industry, getting exposure on social media can be hard. Most of the popular social media platforms are heavily moderated, restricting the publishing of nude or “sexually suggestive” images (whatever that means), they also tend to come with ambiguous or incomplete terms and conditions or community guidelines that are difficult for most people to follow, let alone a porn star trying to make a living. Those who have had their accounts arbitrarily deleted due to an anonymously flagged photo, know all too well the pain associated with having little recourse and being left with the only option of grieving the loss and rebuilding from scratch. Don’t let that guy at AVN who’s mad cause he didn’t get a selfie ruin all your hard work! Pornhub’s got you covered.

PornHub has released a solution intended to make your dick pics far less offensive and a little more hilarious. Introducing TrickPics, developed by “ENJOYIT360 SL” and available for iOS and Android, the app allows the user to add animated stickers to their naughty photos to cover up their private parts, adding some additional flare to the image.

TrickPics is not a true Augmented Reality platform like Snapchat with their facial recognition filters. What TrickPics lacks is the ability to add an animated filter to a person or object in real-time. Instead, what you’re doing to liven up your private parts is simply applying animated stickers that lay a top your static image. It’s a far cry from being able to transform your Johnson into an Eggplant while taking a photo or short video, but who knows. Maybe PornHub is working on that app next.

How to Trick Out Your D***

The app is ridiculously easy to use. Absolutely no sign-in is required. Simply launch the app and snap a photo. You can see from some of the images provided in this blog, I went with a banana to represent my manhood. Once a photo is taken, the app prompts you to choose which part of your body you’re covering up, using fruit to distinguish between the three important body parts. Once a fruit is selected, a selection of stickers is presented for you to choose from, including a gift, the ever-popular Eggplant, and a snake charmer.


The finished product is something that is guaranteed to give your friends and social media followers a good laugh, or at the very least, put a mischievous smile on their faces.

A Downside?

The only major criticism I have about the app is in regards to rendering and download speed. Similar to other image editing apps like Prisma, for example, the rendering of the new image takes place on the app’s server side, not within the app itself. This dramatically slows down the image rendering process, and I found that waiting for my completed TrickPic felt annoyingly long. Even though the rendering time was probably closer to 2 minutes, but when you’re waiting for something to download, it may as well have been a millennium. Even more annoying is the fact that, once your animated creation is complete and ready to save, another minute or so is required for the image to be saved on your phone and ready to share.

Check out PornHub’s promo video on YouTube. They definitely aren’t being subtle about what the app does.

Montreal – America’s Porn Mecca

“Although Los Angeles remains the mecca of the adult entertainment industry, the landscape is quickly changing. Over the past several years, we’ve seen production begin to move east to more porn-friendly cities such as Las Vegas, as well as north to places like Montreal and Toronto.” – Dave Strauss, Co-Founder, Arm Candy Creative

In an interview last October with Tyler Lemco of Thrillist, Dave Strauss, one of Arm Candy Creative’s co-founders, took the opportunity to riff about his beloved hometown of Montreal. Dave’s experience in the adult industry, coupled with his Montreal upbringing, makes him the ideal person to speak to in order to gain insight into the city’s impact on adult entertainment both nationally and globally.

Montreal is home to practically every aspect of the adult film business, with the exception of film production. Some of the world’s largest porn distributors, including the undisputed global king of porn, PornHub (MindGeek), are based out of Montreal. According to Dave, if you’ve lived in Montreal for an extended period of time, chances are you have a friend who has a friend who works at MindGeek. Brazzers also has a big presence in Montreal, having been founded by two Concordia University alumni.

The interview concludes with an interesting argument, with Lemco making the case that the overly competitive landscape in Montreal is what pushes each company to innovate. The technical innovations taking place at companies like MindGeek, rival those of Silicon Valley tech Goliath’s like Apple and Google.

2Hot4FB Launches a Major Update

Utilizing social media as a promotional channel for performers or models in the adult entertainment industry has never been easy. At some point, many of you out there have had a post flagged for removal because you showed off what Facebook determined was a little too much skin. Nudity or sexual content of any kind is prohibited on the major social platforms, being flagged as inappropriate for not adhering to the network’s “community standards” or guidelines for publishing content. Some networks take it a step further, banning your account altogether, meaning you may lose all of your hard-earned followers.

Thankfully, 2Hot4FB is here to solve this problem. Gone are the days of having your Facebook or Instagram account taken down for posting inappropriate content. Simply request a membership to the service, upload your images, alter them using their collection of editing tools that will help you cover up your naughty bits, and begin sharing your photos on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and others. Best of all, elite paid program members can earn money for every impression their images receive!

Edit your photos for compliance with every social network and make money in the process! At this point you’re probably wondering how you can sign up for 2Hot4FB. Follow this link and start your registration now!

As of early April, 2Hot4FB v4.0 was released to the public, and with it, a collection of new features that will help ensure your NSFW images meet social media community guidelines while still looking attractive and enticing enough to stimulate engagement and follower growth. Read on to find out more.

First, and most importantly, the 2Hot4FB platform is now open to everyone FOR FREE! Now anyone can upload their provocative pics to 2Hot4FB and take advantage of their complete editing suite. The editor is faster and more responsive than ever, allowing you to cover up that boob flash in a pinch. All pages have been updated, and sharing options have been optimized and simplified to take advantage of the new generation of smartphones out there.

As well, their image review process has become slightly more lenient, allowing for more explicit photos to be posted online, with the exception of Facebook.

To help drive additional traffic to your website, we’ve introduced a self-serve traffic purchase option that is ideal for cam girls and page/group owners. Purchase 1000 impressions for as low as $6!

It’s never been a better time to be a member of 2Hot4Fb.

The goal in the latest update was to help give new models and camgirls an opportunity to become social media heavy hitters. Their solution offers models a new avenue for driving traffic to their website, increasing followers on social media, and generating revenue. If you’re a performer in the adult entertainment industry and you’re not currently using 2Hot4FB, you really should.